Social Tennis

Social and competitive tennis is available for all playing standards.

Social club nights give you the opportunity to play social doubles tennis. Club Nights are every Tuesday and Thursday, throughout the year, from 7.00pm – An organiser is on hand to arrange play for each of these nights so that everyone gets an enjoyable game.

American Tournaments –are held on several Saturdays throughout the year and on other special days when we can find an excuse to run one! American Tournaments provide players with an opportunity to play mixed doubles tennis.  Partners are organised for you on the day and you play with a different partner for each mini set.  Refreshments are available and it’s a great way to have fun, socialise and compete, whatever your standard of play.

If you want to compete against other club members then there are formats available outside of the annual tournaments and American Tournaments.

The Box Leagues are a great way of playing competitive doubles at a level where you can compete and win… sometimes! They operate outside of the busy summer period and you will be placed in a mini-league of 4 players. You play a set with each of the other 3 players in your league. At the end of the 3 sets the top 2 players get promoted into the box above and the bottom 2 get relegated into the box below for the following month’s matches! And so on…Our box league is very popular and you’re guaranteed a good, competitive game.

If singles is your thing then the Singles Ladder is a good way of practising and improving your game. Outside of the summer period, you can challenge any of the 3 players above you on the ladder to a best of 3 sets match (final set’s a tie break!). If you win you swap places with them on the ladder. Of course, players below you can challenge you, too, so get your challenges in early!

If you wish to join the Box Leagues or Singles Ladder then get in touch with the organiser, Tony Morse, on 07740 432410.

Throughout the year, courts can usually be booked up until 10.00pm – booking sheets are provided on the notice board so you can organise your own tennis with other members.

Tokens to operate the lights for a 30 minute period cost £2.00 and are available from David Farr, Pam Sykes and from behind the bar.

We encourage new people to join our tennis club. If you would like to invite a guest to play alongside you then please enter the name and address of the guest in the Visitors Book on the clubhouse notice board. Guests can play a maximum of 4 times in any calendar year and there is a small fee chargeable for each guest.