Annual Tournaments

There are 2 senior tournament periods in the club calendar: the Open Singles and Handicapped Doubles tournaments in May and the Open Doubles and Over-50s Singles tournaments in September.

The Open Singles and Handicapped Doubles
Play for the honour of being the club Singles champion – men’s and women’s comps – or take your chance in the draw in the Handicap Doubles Tournaments – Men’s, Women’s and Mixed competitions. The handicapping system is designed to even out differences in playing ability so everyone has a shot at winning. Both Open and Handicap tournaments are run on a knockout basis but in the Handicap tournaments there’s a pate competition for first round losers.

Open Doubles and Over-50s Singles
You can enter the Open Doubles with the partner of your choice. It’s a knockout tournament and there are competitions for Men, Women and Mixed. The over-50s single tournament is open to both men and women and the final takes place on Junior Finals Day.

Tournament entry details are sent to members via the club newsletter and by email.

2016 Tournament Results:

2017 Tournament Dates: